Our dementia risk self-test for better health is what we are all about.

Belgian laboratories

We cooperate with European-recognised clinical laboratories. Today, we deliver in Belgium, France, the Netherlands and Germany.

Laboratory tests

Our laboratory partners strive for the best quality and provide you with correct results. With innovative technology and anonymous patient IDs, we guarantee fast and reliable analysis of your sample.


Our partners work according to international laboratory practice standards. Not only the analysis in the lab but also the pre- and post-analytical phases are better controlled.


Order your test before 4pm and it will be sent to your address or to a pick-up point the same day. If you take your sample and put it in the post, it will arrive at our partner laboratories, where it will be examined. After 2 working days, your results will be available and you will receive an email from us. You can then view your lab report in your personal account on our website.